Dear data nerds, devops enthusiasts, creative innovators that share our passion for data and technology: We want you.

Working at KI

We are a smart, innovative and growing company working on complex and serious products. Our mission is to improve the insurance business data and tech driven.

Our team consists of curious and creative people who support themselves. Everyone enjoys the freedom to make things that matter. Mindfulness, egolessness and respectfulness are core to our culture - from daily interactions to how we get things done. A good work-life-balance and team spirit are important to us. As well as everyone's further education and personal development.

Do not hesitate. Become a part of our team.

We are currently seeking for:

Data Engineers DevOps Engineers Data Analysts

You play with pandas and drink coffee all day? So are we.

Join us as Data Engineer

We are looking for experienced Data Engineers who love programming and automating in the domain of numbers and data. Your passion lies in the automatic extraction and processing of information? You are extremely detail-oriented and like to explore patterns and relationships in data? Reading and learning are among your favourite activities? Trying out and applying new procedures and technologies inspires you? We do not care which tools you master. We believe that you can learn everything.

Your Role

  • You will develop and automate data processes and jobs with us.
  • You will use state of the art technologies to build and maintain new tools.
  • The analysis and visualization of the constructed data will be an important task.
  • Apart from that you will train models and integrate them into productive systems.

Sounds interesting? Feel free to contact us, so we can find out who you are.

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Deep into Python? Let's hang out.

Join us as DevOps Engineer

We are looking for experienced DevOps Engineers or Backend Architects who love constructing and operating distributed systems and have a high affinity for numbers and data. You are interested in deployment technologies for developing automated CI/CD pipelines? You love using open-source technologies and tools? SQL and Python are not new to you? Perfect match!

Your Role

  • You will take care of the conception, realization and further development of DevOps processes in our projects.
  • You will use modern open-source tools to monitor and facilitate robust data-pipeline deployments.
  • You will analyse existing infrastructure to identify opportunities to enhance security, reliability, and functionality.
  • Apart from that you will plan for and ensure adequate capacity across all components.

Sounds challenging? Get in touch with us and tell us a bit about yourself.

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You excel when it comes to Data Analysis? Then this is your right place.

Join us as Data Analyst

We are looking for experienced Data Analysts who love creating actionable insights to support data-driven decisions. You are proficient in SQL and enjoy working with data? You are able to understand, clean and wrangle data into more end-user friendly formats? You are interested in improving data quality and building meaningful dashboards? Well, then let's do it together!

Your Role

  • You will use analytical tools to analyse data and solve problems with the goal of making pro-active decisions.
  • You will establish metrics and KPIs and help the team to monitor the quality of the data.
  • You will create graphs, reports and presentations of analytical findings as well as create clear and maintainable automated dashboards.
  • You will communicate your findings through effective data visualizations adapted to the audience.

Can't wait to get started? Simply contact us and find out more.

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