Shaping the Future of Insurance Data and Tech driven.


Digitalization is disrupting the insurance industry.

We believe, real-time pricing that dynamically links competition data with your combined ratio decisions will decide on whether you will disrupt or be disrupted.

For this purpose, mastering data, analytics and machine learning are key success competencies, while organizational and technical agility are mandatory.

Products and Services

What We Offer

Our KI Pricing Suite provides all you need to analyze competition, run a data processing pipeline that feeds your model training stack and an engine that delivers real-time pricing.

The KI Pricing Suite consists of the following components:

Price Watch

  • Boost your actuaries with a deeper understanding of your competitors.
  • Increase your pricing performance.
  • Gain competitive advantages through a new era of strategic pricing.
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Price Engine

  • Enable real-time pricing in your existing infrastructure.
  • Execute GLMs, decision trees/forests, ensembling models, SVMs, neural networks in milliseconds.
  • Test, confirm and release new models independently from your release dates.
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Price Analytics

  • Explore and visualize data in an in-depth way.
  • Monitor performance and conversion in real-time with our big data stream processing platform.
  • Automate the training of your models – on premises or in our full scalable, dockerized infrastructure.
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Our Value Proposition


We have built critical web applications in complex environments in the insurance sector for years and have a deep understanding of related interactions and requirements.


Our real-time, big data stream processing is based on distributed docker containers and horizontal scalable. We are available and reliable anywhere at any time and ease your life with a lot of flexibility.


Our KI Pricing Suite is compliance ready and comes with authentication, authorization and action logging for robust audit and governance. It supports data anonymization mechanisms for data privacy.


Pricing Performance is critical. We simply know how to set up the complex technology stack to be able to respond in milliseconds under load.

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Our Tech Stack

To get the lowest operating costs with the highest possible quality and value, we consistently rely on open technologies and standards. We integrate established open source technologies in our own data warehouse.

The parallel and distributed operation of our solutions makes optimum use of resources and enables dynamic expansion at any time. Rely on highest availability, fault tolerance and efficiency.

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About us

The Company

We are an agile company dedicated to data science and information technologies established in 2008.
The intelligent automation and analysis of large data amounts are our passion.

We live an open-minded culture with importance on honest feedback, respectful interactions, and a constant strive to improve.

Customers We Worked For

We enjoy the trust of many well-known companies within the insurance industry. Our customers rely on our long-term experience in technologies all around artificial intelligence in the insurance sector.

Here are some customers we have already worked for:

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